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TV advertising service

Guerillascope has built a reputation for working differently to other TV planning and buying agencies. We disrupt the status quo with our fiercely independent, targeted and flexible campaign planning and optimisation. So, what can you expect as part of the TV advertising service we provide?

Getting to know your business

Key to the effectiveness of the Guerillascope service is the effort we make in getting to know your brand. Once you’ve contacted us via our online form or by phone, we’ll be in touch to find out more about your business, your campaign objectives, unique selling points and brand ethos. We listen and learn. From this, we can start to build a picture of how your budget can be used most effectively.

TV AnalysisAnalysing your market

Once we’re familiar with every little detail of your brief, we’ll perform preliminary analysis of your sector and main competitors. This allows us to identify the latest consumer trends and market developments, both of which contribute heavily to the formulation of your campaign strategy.

TV PlanningPlanning your TV advertising campaign

Having developed a full and clear picture of your business, and sector, we’re ready to start putting together a flexible and targeted TV advertising plan. Your dedicated account manager and supporting team will pinpoint the channels, times of the day, weekdays and programming most suitable for connecting your brand to your target audience. We’ll provide you with the expected number of TV spots and impacts – in other words, the number of times we expect your TV ad to be viewed – in your plan, and are always happy to tweak the proposal should you deem it necessary.

Booking TV AirtimeBooking your airtime

Once we’ve established a plan of action you’re happy with, your experienced account manager will utilise their close ties with major TV sales houses to negotiate the best airtime rates for your business. To facilitate this, we book late in the market to access the best deals and opportunities. Once we’ve secured your airtime, we will provide you with a full, up-to-the-minute scheduling report, and will continue to do this on a weekly – or even daily – basis.

TV Campaign OptimisationCampaign optimisation

With your campaign launched, we will monitor its performance continually, using sophisticated cross-media tracking software to assess the effectiveness of your TV spots. This allows us to measure your Cost Per Lead, Sale and Response, and optimise your airtime around the best performing TV channels, ad creative, days of the week, hours and geographical regions. We can administer changes to your campaign with utmost agility, and build on the insights as we go.

For complete transparency, you will be given your own online login access to the software we use.

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